Bitcoin: The Future of Payments
A Digital Currency which is Irreversible and Unforfeited

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No Payment Delay

No intermediary like the bank is involved in Bitcoin transactions; thus, there is no delay in their processing.


No Central Command

It is a decentralized digital currency in which everything is based on cryptography, rather than trust.


Security & Control

Bitcoin enables you to make payments without sharing your crucial card information.


Low Processing Cost

Bitcoin transaction fee is very less than the other options as no intermediary is involved.

Easy Deployment

Create Bitcoin Receivers
If a customer wants to make payment using Bitcoin to you; then, ExaltPay generates a unique code and calculates the Bitcoin amount as per the rate set for your home currency. After that, the customer sends the Bitcoin amount to the receiver.

Charge Customers Accordingly
When customer pushes sufficient Bitcoins to the receiver, you can create the required charge using the created receiver.

Hassle-free Management

Receive Funds Quickly
Using Bitcoin, the direct communication is made between the sender and receiver; thus, funds get processed quickly.

Simplistic Bookkeeping
All the information related to the Bitcoin transactions is available at a decentralized publicly distributed register called Block Chain. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to verify and use the information for record keeping.

Easy & Cost Effective Solution for Customer

Easy Process with Bitcoin
Bitcoin transaction can also be done using Bitcoin wallet which works similarly like a bank that holds your private keys information on your behalf.

No Transaction Fees
ExaltPay Bitcoin payments serve as a zero-percent payment option for merchants or say simply, no fee levied to receive Bitcoins.

Accept Bitcoins with Confidence

Verified Transactions
All your Bitcoin transactions via ExaltPay are verified and final, so you can fully trust on the transactions.

No Reversal
Bitcoin is a digital currency, which once created, cannot be reversed.

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