Shopping Cart Abandonment – Prominent Reasons Discussed

Jan 17, 2016

Designing a stupendous e-commerce store for selling your products is a fair way to present your offerings in an enticing manner. You may also spend suitably on powering the digital marketing efforts so as to attract more visitors to their online store. Having spent so much time & effort on your store, you finally get visitors who select product and add to their shopping cart. However, rather than completing the purchase process, they abandon the shopping cart due to some reasons. Here, we will take a look at all such reasons that lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Complicated Checkout Process
It’s rather wise to offer a simple, straightforward way to the customer for checkout that is less time consuming & uncomplicated. For sure, the customers will abandon the shopping carts if they have to go through a lot of form-filling and complications during theCheckout process.

Unexpected Shipping Costs/Slow Shipping
High shipping rates are never acceptable to customers as it takes away the low-price advantage linked with shopping online. Customers buy online because they want the product delivered at their doorstep for a fair price. Unexpected shipping price adds up considerably to the price of original product and that lands the customer in a more annoyed state.

Besides rates, delivery time for an ordered product if too high also provokes the customer to look for some other online store. It’s highly recommended to display the option for checking out the delivery time at the product page rather than providing that information at theCheckout page.

Compulsion of Registration
Getting details about a customer is always handy and so e-commerce store owners always want their new customers to register on their website. It is done typically by redirecting the customer to a signup page wherein he/she needs to enter his name & contact details for registration. Most customers often find it time-consuming while many consider it unwanted dispersal of their personal information. Several customers want to shop as simply a guest visitor and so online stores that disallow such convenience face heavy shopping cart abandonment.

Insufficient Payment Options
If customers don’t find a payment option of their choice during checkout, they are likely to abandon the cart. Payment via debit card, credit card, Net banking and more are available nowadays. Not offering all such options will open new doors for the customers to leave theCheckout process in between.

Lack of Security Features
Customers may surely leave your website if they don’t find it trustworthy while entering payment related information. Surely, no customer wants their card or bank details to be used in an unauthorized way and so if there is any such security risk; the customer prefers to move over to some other website.

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